Travel Insurance for properties managed by Interhome

We believe that you should always have fond memories of your vacations. That's why we have included the Allianz cancellation insurance in your price (only applies for properties managed by Interhome). You may also choose an optional upgrade of your insurance cover with Allianz travel cover.

Your coverage before travelling: Allianz cancellation insurance

Cancellation insurance is already included in your booking price. The deductible for each claim amounts to 20% of the reimbursable loss. You can find further details in the Terms and conditions of Allianz cancellation insurance.

Your coverage when travelling: Allianz travel insurance

Get the most out of your insurance cover:

  • Unlimited personal assistance
  • Search and rescue costs
  • Luggage insurance
  • Medical expenses
  • Repeat trip
  • Unlimited car assistance (Europe)

Premium per reservation: USD 47.–

We recommend that you also consider the Allianz travel insurance, in order to benefit from additional cover and services. You can find further details in the terms and conditions of Allianz travel insurance.


The Allianz cancellation insurance is already included in your booking price. The Allianz travel insurance can be added to your accommodation booking directly during the booking process for properties managed by Interhome (please indicate in the remarks field). If you have already booked your vacation home with Interhome you can book Allianz travel insurance subsequently up until your day of arrival by calling our office at +1 (954) 791-8282 or 1-800-268-2615.

Claim documents

In the case of loss a claim can be made by filling out one of the following relevant forms.

Allianz cancellation insurance:

Allianz travel insurance:

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